Language Arts Activities from The Great Race to Nome by Karen Krupnick The Learning Works, Inc., 1995

1. Pretend that you are going to be a musher in the next Iditarod. Write a short biography about yourself that will appear in the Iditarod brochure.

2. Write a song about the Iditarod.

3. Pretend that you are a sports reporter for your local newspaper. Write an article announcing the upcoming start of the race. Be sure to explain the race thoroughly for your readers who do not know about it.

4. Imagine that you are a dog in a musher's kennel and you do not get chosen to go to the Iditarod. Write a letter telling your musher how you feel.

5. If you were an Iditarod musher, what would you name the 20 members of your dog team? Explain why you chose your names.

6. Veterinarians examine the dogs at checkpoints to be sure that they are in good physical condition during the race. Make a list of the things that your would look for if you were a veterinarian and explain why.

7. Imagine that the dogs in the dog yard could talk to each other. Write a play about the conversation they would have the night before the start of the Iditarod.

8. Create a four-panel comic strip about an imaginary lead dog. Use cartoon "bubbles" to show what the characters are saying and thinking.

Final Writing Assignment:

You know how weird parents can be, right? Well, yours have just announced that the family is going to take a vacation during the school year and you have a chance to decide where. The catch is (you know there's always one with parents) it has to be an educational experience. You know the other kids are trying to figure out how to make a trip to Disneyland educational. This will never get past your parents. You have to come up with a vacation plan that everyone will love. You have to make this good, cause you don't want to end up wandering through a stuffy old museum like last year. You've heard about this sled dog race in Alaska called the Iditarod and wonder if maybe this would be not only a vacation but an adventure your family would never forget.
In order to convince your parents Alaska is the place to go you are going to have to learn everything about the Iditarod and Alaska. You will need to:

1. Write an introductory paragraph outlining all the reasons why you should go to Alaska for the Iditarod.
2. Write a paragraph about the Iditarod's history.
3. Write a paragraph about the weather in Alaska.
4. Write a paragraph about the geography of Alaska.
5. Write a paragraph about dog sled teams and mushers.
6. Write a concluding paragraph re-explaining why the family should visit Alaska to see the Iditarod.
The Names of the Iditarod Doggies
1. Meow
2. Joe
3. Kitty Dog
4. I Am Slow
5. Olympic Gecko
6. Snoball
7. Chips A- Hoy!
8. Buddy
9. Pop- Tart
10. Number 10
11. Chubby
12. Kibbles and Bits
13. Hot Fudge Sundae
14. Dog
15. Puppy
16. Pizza Dog
17. Billy bob
19. Coffee Bean
20. Last Place (still important)

My name is musher Joe no not the guy from family guy my name Joe and I will win the Iditarod yo.
Ya they call me the king of musher of all mushers so you better get to Nome or ill trap you all in a dome.
I’m so fast ill let you have a head start and ill still win I can take 24 hour breaks and when I pass by you will get a head ache and you say ah man.

Dear Musher,
Why didn’t you choose me!? I think that I am one of the best dogs on the team. I work hard, train hard and do ever you say. All I ask is for a little kibble now and then. Also I would like to know why you didn’t pick me. Is it because I wasn’t fast enough? I can go faster. Or is it because I’m a little smaller then the other members of the team? Well, just give me a while and I’ll grow. I just feel so left out. I mean, honestly! You could’ve chosen, even if it was just for a backup or whatever. I mean, all the dogs that you didn’t pick to go with you just feel so…so… Ignored! We want voice! We want to help! The dogs that you chose have all of these big, buff muscles and names! You named me Ruffles! Well all I really want is to be picked and I’ll have to wait until next year. So please, please pick me.
By: Saphira

20 cool names of sled dogs and why.

The topic of all my dog’s names are going to be fast food.
1. Hamburger
2. Cheeseburger
3. Fries
4. Milk shake
5. Chicken nuggets
6. Soda
7. Baconater
8. Big Mac
9. Double quarter pounder with cheese
10. Whopper
11. Mc chicken burger
12. Frosty
13. Junior whopper
14. Double bacon cheeseburger
15. Bacon sandwich
16. Heavy ketchup
17. Cheese fries
18. Triple quarter pounder with cheese heavy ketchup and onions with mayonnaise and mustard with bacon
19. Mc skillet
20. Mc ribs

Also the reason I chose these names for my dogs is because they are really random. And no dogs have been named that before so I thought I would be the first person to try.

If you want to see my other thing i did go to the new publisher and type in Comic Strips Click Jpg.
Sorry it wouldnt uploaded. it was to small and blurry.

Imagine that you are a dog in a musher's kennel and you do not get chosen to go to the Iditarod. Write a letter telling your musher how you feel.

I feel really sad because you didn’t chose me and I am a fast runner and better than the other dogs. I am also the one who loves you the most. I think I should be in the one who gets to go with you to the Iditarod race. I also feel I can make it through all of the courses and not get taken out. I am use to the cold because I am a Husky. I can outrun all of the other dogs anytime without losing. That is the reason you should let me go in the race.
20 dog names for the Iditarod race

1. Ashley
2. lily
3. Kate
4. Eva
5. Anexie
6. Nikki
7. Sienna
8. Siara
9. Sara
10. Heather
11. Joey
12. Carter
13. Ryan
14. Robert
15. Peter
16. Kellan
17. Jackson
18. Oliver
19. Taren
20. Chester

We chose these names because some of them are family names, some of them are friends, and some of them are our favorite actor names.

Hi peoplz! These are the main reasons I would LOVE to go to Alaska for our vacation. One of the reasons is because the Iditarod will be happening! How fun that would be! Another reason is the snow! Oh, the wonderful snow! It lays in cushions all over up there! Yet another reason is I really want to meet some of the mushers and dogs. Ya know what? I’m just going to tell you all about Alaska! Well, here we go!
The first is the Iditarod! The Iditarod is a tradition in Alaska. It is a dog sled race. But it is really tough, cold and L O N G. (Some dogs even…
die) The original race was actually a race to save some lives! Nome (End of the race) had an extremely contagious and deadly disease called diphtheria. It was a race to get serum from Anchorage to Nome. That’s the Iditarod’s history.
The next thing is learning about the weather in Alaska. As you might have guessed, it’s absolutely covered in snow. Snow is DEFINETLY the main weather in Alaska. That’s because it right up close to the north pole. That’s the weather in Alaska.
Alaska is kinda funny shaped. There are two downs I definitely want to visit, Nome and Anchorage. I would also want to visit the rest of the Iditarod route, wouldn’t that be fun? The bad thing though is that there is a volcano, right by the Iditarod trail, Mt. Redoubt. She’s might explode if we go there, not good.
Now to talk about dogs and mushers. Mushers are the people that lead the athletes (dogs) to Nome. Dog are… you know what a dog is. We were assigned a musher to track this year. His name is Hans Gatt and he finished in 10th place, out 65! Wow! He started with 16 dogs and ended with 13. (Don’t worry they probably didn’t die.) First place this year was Lance Mackey. Good Job, Lance!
So, Iditarod, Snow, Dogs and Mushers. That’s all of my reasons I would love to go to Alaska! Thanks for reading!
-Hedwig, Bex and Squirtle

Names For My Iditarod Dog Team!
Names Gender
1. Sicko F
2. ChickenPox F
3. Germ M
4. Salmonella F
5. CommonCold M
6. Diabetes F
7. Cancer M
8. Fever F
9. Headache M
10. RunnyNose M
11. Cough F
12. SmallPox F
13. Disease M
14. Cooties F
15. Rash M
16. Arthritis M
17. BrokenBone F
18. Fracture F
19. PinkEye F
20. TummyAche M

I chose these names because they're FUNNY!

Iditarod Song
(To the tune of Jingle Bells)

Dashing through the snow,
In a dog led sleigh.
Stopping at checkpoints,
Racing all the way!

They’re all heading to Nome,
To win fortune and fame.
And if they get dead last,
They’ll wish they never came!


|: Iditarod, Iditarod,
Racing all day.
If you get second
Then I guess that’s ok!

Hey! :|

  • If I were an Iditarod musher I would name the dogs:
1. Hershey
2. Tootsie
3. Lolly
4. Pop
5. Sweet
6. Heart
7. Jolly
8. Vanilla
9. Chocolate
10. Fudge
11. Chocolate mint
12. Fuge brownie
13. Cream
14. Rancher
15. Recess
16. Pieces
17. Peanut
18. Butter
  • 19.Tullip
  • 20.Rose
By: Reepicheep