external image thumbs_shag-ridges.jpgpart 2:I would bring food water rope pan pot ax matches lint steal wool shovel ski pants jacket sleeping bag neck warmer mitts toque tea candle socks clean clothes toilet paper towel tarp bacon eggs gun ammo long johns booties for dogs other spare equipment deer meat for dogs medical kit flash light peanut butter jam bread radio compass unit

About Ramey Smyth:

Ramey Smith is our musher. Group 2's musher! YAY!

Heres an interesting fact.
Ramey was invited to the new Super Wal-Mart.
Ramey also gave a ride to a winner for something.
Ramey was also one of the panel speakers at the 1st Annual Sled Dog Mini-Symposium held in Willow. Awesome!
I really think our musher has a good chance in this year's race. YAY!