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Hans Gatt, a native of Austria, was a farmer there when he began mushing in 1988. He says he "turned professional and moved to Canada in 1990. He finished eighth in the Alpirod in 1989, his first distance race. Since 1990, he has participated in the Alpirod , the Yukon Quest, The Alaska Comeback Race, the International Rocky Mountain Stage Stop Race, the Iditarod and sprint racing.
Han Gatt info

He and his wife currently maintain a kennel of 60 dogs and Hans builds sleds. Hans says that after being successful in sprint and mid distance racing for over 10 years he was looking for a new challenge. His new focus for the upcoming years is putting together a competitive team for the Iditarod, which he says is the biggest challenge in sled dog racing. In his spare time, he enjoys running, biking and woodwork. The Gatts have no children.

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Hans Gatt is a native of Austria and was a farmer, until he decided he wanted to be a sled dog racer. He began racing in 1988, and moved to Canada in 1990. He and his wife, have a kennel of 60 dogs. Wow, that’s a lot! Hans also builds different types sleds. After 10 years, he wanted a new, very, challenging race. The Iditarod. He figured that would be quite challenging, and, well it was. Ever since than he has been a sled dog racer!
When he is not racing, he enjoys running, biking, and woodwork. He is not a father, but a great sled racer! Did you know that he built the sled he raced in? He is an experienced racer and a past winner. He won 8 races in his first year racing, one then the European Championship! Amazing, huh?
The point is, we’re cheering for you, Hans!
-Hedwig, Bex and Squirtle

Well, I think they should pack these items…

I Well, dogs, of course!
II Lots of clothes.
III Food and water (Do they get them at a checkpoint?)
IV Defroster
V Goggles
VI Changes of those dog-bootie things.
VIII Compass
IX Maybe a GPS
X Matches

We would pack for a two day trip…

I Tent
II Toothbrush
III Toothpaste
IV Water and Food
V Changes of Clothes
VI Map
VII Compass
IX Book
X Matches
XI Our Parents!
-Hedwig, Bex and Squirtle

Eggsalad sandwich
Hans Gatt was a farmer in Austria. (From what I know, he is in 7th place right now!!! :D Sweet!!!!!) He started mushing in 1988, and moved to Canada in 1990. He has a kennel of 60 dogs currently.
I need to pack:
3)A Compass
4)A Map
5)A Tent
6)A Blanket/Blankets
7)A Watch
8)A Coat
9)Extra Clothes
10)Really good shoes