Deedee Jonrowe was born in Frankfurt Germany in 1953 while her father was stationed in Greece. Growing up in a military family, she began elementary school in Ethiopia, attended junior high school in Okinawa, Japan, and graduated from high school in Virginia. The military brought the Stout family to Alaska in 1971. DeeDee enrolled in the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, where she earned a B.S. degree in Biological Sciences & Renewable Resources. She worked as a biologist for the State of Alaska for 10 years. Her thirst for adventure encouraged her to strike out, commercial fishing her own herring gill net boat in Norton Sound, fishing for red salmon in Bristol Bay, and eventually driving a 28 foot jet boat in Southcentral as a sport fishing guide. Her present occupation is kennel owner and dog racer.

if i was a dog sled racer i would pack in the bag i would pack some dog boots and a some first aid kits for all the dogs i would also
pack extra clothes for if i full in the water i wont be cold for long but i will also pack some food and some water

By: Mr.A16 & dude

1.john schultz