Jeff King was born in North Fork , Calafornia. Jeff King is well-known for winning both the Iditarod sleed dog race in 1993, 1996 and 1998 and the Yukon Quest in 1998. When Jeff won the Iditarod in 2006 he was 50 years old making him the oldest musher to win this treacherous event. As of 2006 he has competed in 20 iditarod races. Jeff King is an inventive inventor. He invented a seat beat, seat cushion , and handlebar warmer all for his sled. The handdlebar warmer can reach 200 degree fahrenheit.

Our fun little group has Jeff King, I saw him on tv once. He will be entering the Ididorad race in 2009. Our guy is an inventor. I really hope he wins! It wont be easy, you have to race all around alaska. he will need warm food water and money mabey for a hotel.

Jeff King by schwaa
Jeff king was born in north fork he is an american musher. He moved to alaska in 1975 and started racing in 1976. He was 50 when he won the race in 2006. He is an inventor and made 3 things for his sled. One of them is handlebar warmers.He is really cooland i hope he wins this year!!!