• Age :53 1956 born :califonia he came to Alaska in 1975 to seek adventure
  • He raises and trains 60 to 70 huskies a year .
3kids; cali is 24 tessa 22 ellen 17 cali finished the iditarod . he began in 1976 He lves with his family on goose lake i denali park. Wifes name is donna.

Ken Anderson, 36, was born in Minnesota. He says he began mushing at age 3 as his parents had a recreational team. When he was in sixth grade, his father bought him a book on the Iditarod and he decided to someday compete in the Race. Before moving to Alaska, he attended the University of Minnesota and was a dog handler. He c

ame to Alaska in 1994 to be a musher and study biology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He's been running the Iditarod since 1999. Ken is married to Gwen Holdman, also an Iditarod veteran. Ken says that they feel very fortunate for their mushing lifestyle and have mushed throughout North America. "Racing Iditarod has become a huge part of our life. I'm glad to be back again." He lists his occupation as dog musher and says his hobbies are writing and carpentry

Ken Anderson
He was born in Minnesota. His home town is Fairbanks, Alaska. He began mushing at the age of 3 and is now 36. He only works with Alaskin Huskies and has an amazing 75 dogs. He chooses the races to enter by the ones that pay the most money long and short term. His best Iditarod finish was 5th place in 2003.

On a 2 day field trip I would take food, water, warm clothes, extra socks, first aid kit, matches, compas, map of where you are going, sleeping bag, a tent and a cell phone. Cheesemo

1. Ken Anderson is a dog sled racer that has been in the Iditarod he had his own team at age 3. He was born in Minnesota now he lives in Alaska and he is 36.
2. They would need food and water for them seives and for their dogs.
I would take food and water to last 2 days,winter clothes,tent sleeping bag, cellphone.
by shortstop