• Northwest is the straight line from anchorage.
  • Ophir is the checkpoint.
  • Southwest is the direction it will take you.
  • 2. Ruby, Nutalo, Koyuk
  • 3. Mt.Mckinley would be north
  • 4. Skewenta is the farthest checkpoint east
  • 5. Skewenta and white mountain are farthest away from each other
  • 6. Golvan to white mountain
  • 7. Well you could use the map and compass to find your way back to a checkpoint or a town

1. What do think could happen if the volcano erupts before the race?
Our prediction is that the race will be canceled, and that the town would be covered in ash.

2. What do you think might happen if the volcano erupts during the race?

Our group thinks that town’s people and sled teams could die from the ash and lava.

3. How far will the ash from the volcano's eruption spread?

We think about 100-200 miles out.

4. What are some precautions that residents of Alaska and the Iditarod mushers will have to take?

We think some precautions hiding in a basment and checking if windows and doors are locked.

4.Tokontna to Ruby
5.kaltag to Unalakleet
6.Mcgrath to tokontna
7.By telling you the way to go
Mount Redoubt
1.They propably would aft to cancel the Race
2.They will propably stop the Race and go for shelter
3.The ashes will land as far as Vancouver
4.Goggles and heavy suits.
By:ReginaPatsRule and Freak

1- The direction is North West.
>>It will take you to Ophir,
>>it will take you West
2-Ophir and Cripple
3-It will be North of where you are.
5-Rohn and Nkolai
6-Anulk and Graying
7-If you went off course, you could use the compass to know what direction you went in, and use the map the find the nearest checkpoint.

Part Two:
1- I think the race will be cancelled.
2-The mushers would be notified at a checkpoint and be told to stay there until further notice.
3-About 100-200 miles.
4-Running the the nearest checkpoint if not there and the people would run into their basements or rooms with sealed windows and doors so no lava can get in