1.ancorage is southeast on the map.
2.Ophir and ruby are the two places that will take a musher northeast.
3.it will be mostly north to mount mckinley.
4.ancorage is fathest east.
5.ophir and iditarod are farthest away from each other.
6.eagle river and ancorage are closest to eachother.
7.it would save a life by making shur that they go the write way.
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anchorage is southeast on the Iditarod trail
2.anvik to grayling
3.north west
4.eagle river
5.Ophir to iditarod
6.mcgrath to takontna
7.it would save a life because it would make a sence of dierecktion
part 2#
1.the race would be cancaled
2.it would stop
3.500 mile radius
4.gogels masks and moving away

1.a) SouthEast
b) Ophir
c) West
2.Ophir to Ruby, Anvic to Eagle Island and Altag, and grayling.
3. 5 miles
4. Eagle River
5. Eagle River and Nome
6. knik and waskilla resort
7. It can take you to sociaty if you are lost, or if you are in a forest, you can find out what side of what forest you are in.


1. The race would be postponed.
2. If people were at a safe distance, they could continue, but if people were near the eruption, they would leave the race, and they might cancel the race.
3. 2 miles, but not too far.
4. Getting hypothermia, the dogs getting hypothermia, frostbite, getting lost, and dying of cold.
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