part 1
1. Northwest
2. Ophir to Ruby
3. Northwest
4. Wasila
5. Ophir to iditarod
6. White mountin to Govlin
7. A compass and a map would be able to save a person by being able to see whitch way you came and the way your going the map will help to see and try to figer out what way to go and where you are.
Part 2 1. I think it would depend how many days before the race begins.
2. I think it depens how much ash dust comes out. If theres lot of ash they would cancel or postpon the race.
3. I dont know how far the ash will travel it all maters how much waters mixed in the ash.
4. Some precautions the mushers can take is checking on the dogs constently and dressing properly.
AF and JL Answers
1. The crow flys north west from anchorage to nome.
2.All the way up to Anivil,Grayling,Eagle Island and Kaltag
3.mt.mckenly will be at north
4.The checkpoint that is farthest is Wasillia
5.The checkpoint farthest from each other are ophir and iditarod.
6.Nome and Safety are the closest together.
7.because you need the map and compass to find a town for safety.

Part 1
#1 northwest, Ophir, southwest
#2 Ruby
#3 north
#4 rainy pass
#5 McGrath and Unalakleet
#6 Elm and Shaktoolk
#7 You would know witch way to go

Part 2
#1 The race will be cancled
#2 The race will be stoped
#3 A long ways
#4 They will have to be very carful
By AnimalAngel