By: BirdGirl
1) Nome is north west from Anchorage. Takotna to Cripple goes through the Ophir checkpoint. Kaltag to Unalakleet is in a south west directions.
2) Kaltag to Nulato and Unalakleet to Kaltag will take you northeast.
3) Northwest.
4) Eagle river.
5) Ophir and Iditarod.
6) Shwentna and Yentna.
7) A compass could tell you which way was which on your map and your map could tell you where you are so you could fallow the trail on your map.

Part #2
1) The snow would melt and make it harder for the musher's and their dogs to pull the sled across the course.
2) The mushers could be trying to run away from the lava while trying to stay on track but the lava would probaly catch up to them and burn them.
3) The ash will probaly spread as far as it can down the hill.
4) They will have to look at the valcano before the race and take some tests before the race to starts and if it does erupt during the race people will have to find some where to take cover.

1Nome is northwest from Anchorage.
2Anvik to Grayling.
3Mt.mickinly is west.
4Eagle river.
5Ophir to Iditarod.
6McGrath to Takotna.
7A compass and a map could save a life because it could show them to the nearest place.
by googlyeyes.
1The snow could end up turning to water.
2Some people could get hurt if the volcano erupts.
3as far as Vancoover.
4They will have to make sure they are ready for the volcano to erupt.

Answers by HV and KM:
1.The dog sled teams went northwest.
2.Between Anvik to Kaltag the mushers head northeast
3.The finger lake is north Mt.Mckinley
4. Eagle River is the farthest check points.
5.The two farthest is Ophir,Idinterod.
6.The closest are Elim,Golovin.
7.A compass and a map can save my life in the wilderness because the map and the compass shows me haw to go home.

violingirls work:
1. northwest
2. Anvik to Kaltag they go northwest
3. north
4. eagle river
5. Ophir to to Iditarod
6. Elim to Golovin
7. they could lead you home if you are lost

Part 2
1. it could cancel the race
2. it could hurt the mushers and the dogs
3. to Yukon and farther
4. they will have to be careful what they do