1. Northwest
Ohir to Ruby
2. Anchorage to Campbell airstrip
3. Northeast
4. Campbell airstrip
5. Anchorage to Campbell airstrip
6. Cripple to Ruby
7. If they got lost the compass could show them what direction the are going and the map could show them where the nearest town is.

feb,3 week 3

1 , N W ophir

2 ophir to ruby

3 north west

4 wasila

5 ophir0

6 white mountain to govlin

1. Northwest is from Nome to Anchorage.
2. You can go northeast from Anchorage to Eagle River.
3. Finger Lake, Mt. McKinley will be in which the north direction.
4. Eagle river is the furthest east.
5. Anchorage and Nome are furthest away from each other.
6. Yentna and Skwentea are the closest to each other.
7. A compass and a map could save somebody by giving them direction.

by alia and leah

1. As the crow flies Nome is NW from Archorage.
2. The mushers head northeast from Anvik to kaltag.
3. Mt.Mckinley will be NW.
4. Eagle River is fathest east.
5. Ophir and Iditarod the farthest from each other.
6. Nome and satety appear to be closest to each other.

By the three j’s

1. NW
2. Anchorage to eagle river
3. NW
4. Eagle river
5. Ophir to cripple
6. Golvan to White mountain

7. Go northeast or southwest

1.You would have to go South-East.It would take you through Ophir. It would take you in the North-East.
2.You would go through Takontra to Ruby.
3. North-North-West.
4.Eagle River.
5.Ophir to Iditarod are the farthest apart.
6.Golvan and White Mountain are the closest together.
7. To know which direction you are going ,where you are and where places are.
By: Cheesemo

1. What do think could happen if the volcano erupts before the race?

It could effect the snow
2. What do you think might happen if the volcano erupts during the race?
People could die or get hurt
3. How far will the ash from the volcano's eruption spread?
15 km
4. What are some precautions that residents of Alaska and the Iditarod mushers will have to take?

Dieing or serious injury.