1. The crow will go through number three checkpoint before it hits Nome. The crow would be going north east.2. The musher would first go through Finger Lake to Kaltag. 3. Mount McKinley would be north east from Finger Lake.4. Galena is the farthest east.5 Takontna to northern route that is the farthest checkpoint from each other.6 Skwentna to yentna that is the closest checkpoint.7 So you know where to go because there is always blowing snow and wind and you cant see a thing in Alaska.

By: Kortlund and Tristan\

1. The direction from Nome from Anchorage, “as the crow flies”, is northwest. The checkpoint in-between Takontna and Cripple is Ophir. The direction Kaltag to Unalakleet is west.
2. The mushers head northeast from the checkpoint Kaltag to Nulato, or to be more specific, Unalakleet to just a little past the checkpoint Nulato.
3. At Finger Lake Mt. McKinley should be about northwest of Finger Lake, or north of Finger Lake.
4. Eagle River is the checkpoint that is farthest east and is also the last checkpoint.
5. Unalakleet to Kaltag look to be the farthest, but Takontna to Cripple look about the same as Unalakleet and Kaltag.
6. Skwentna to Yentna look like are most consecutive.
7. A compass can help by knowing which direction to travel in and the map will tell you were to go before freezing to death.
By: Group 3