This page will have your Week # 3 geography assignmnt.

Week #2 Begin on Monday, February 23rd and post answers on your wiki by Friday, February 27th.


Toast"Which Way to Nome?" is an activity in mapping skills. To answer the questions below you will need refer to the Iditarod Trail map to the left, for a detailed breakdown of the race. ||
First, you will need the compass directions of the map.
• The top center of the map is north.
• The bottom center of the map is south.
• The center of the left side of the map is west.
• The center of the right side of the map is east.
• The top left-hand corner is northwest.
• The bottom left-hand corner is southwest.
• The top right-hand corner is northeast.
• The bottom right-hand corner is southeast.
Make sense? Good. Now answer these questions based on the map:

external image dash_blackhz.gif

The Assignment

  1. What direction is Nome from Anchorage "as the crow flies?" ("As the crow flies" is an expression that means in a straight line from point to point)# The journey from Takotna to Cripple will take you through what checkpoint?# The journey from Kaltag to Unalakleet will take you in which direction?
  2. Although the journey from Anchorage to Nome is mostly northwest, there are some parts of the trail that will take a musher northeast. Between which checkpoints on the trail will the mushers head northeast?
  3. As you check in at Skwenta, Mt. McKinley is about 50 miles due north of where you are. You then travel the 45 miles to Finger Lake. As you check in at Finger Lake, Mt. McKinley will be in which direction?
  4. According to the map, which checkpoint is farthest east?
  5. Which consecutive checkpoints appear to be the farthest from each other?
  6. Which consecutive checkpoints appear to be closest to each other?
  7. Something to think about: How could a compass and a map save a life in the Alaskan wilderness?
This lesson plan was prepared by New York Middle School teacher Terry Burton.

Part #2 of the Geography Assignment

Mount Redoubt which is 100 miles away from Anchorage is exhibiting heightened volcanic behavior. Experts predict that it may erupt with days or weeks. The tremors and earthquake activity is being monitered to alllow the residents of the area time to prepare. Look through the images and maps on the Volcano site.

Alaska Volcano Observatory

1. What do think could happen if the volcano erupts before the race?
2. What do you think might happen if the volcano erupts during the race?
3. How far will the ash from the volcano's eruption spread?
4. What are some precautions that residents of Alaska and the Iditarod mushers will have to take?

1. As the crow flies Nome is NW from Archorage.
2. The mushers head northeast from Anvik to kaltag.
3. Mt.Mckinley will be NW.
4. Eagle River is fathest east.
5. Nikolal and Rohn the farthest from each other.
6. Nome and satety appear to be closest to each other.

By the three j’s

  1. It will melt the ice.
  2. Everthing will shake.
  3. 15 km.
  4. They can wear masks and water.

By the three J’s

1.The answer is north- west for the direction from Nome to anchorage.
2.Anchorage to Eagle River.
3.North- east.
4.Eagle River.
5. Nikotai to mcgrath.
6.Anuik to grayling.

7.A compass can save a man’s life by telling him where his town is by the compass pointing in the direction to lead him to shelter.

3.15 kilometers

4.they will have to avoid roads and the falling rocks. The roads will be closed so they will have to take a different trail.r.