Group Information. All group work will be completed on the team pages except for creative writing which will be posted to the class blog.

Photo from flickr creative commons:Kayak 49
Team Jones
Team members:
fluffyman: Haultain
mac_10: Haultain
Sunny: Dragon Bloggers
Tanner: Mr. Ellis
Yassmina H: ACS

Team Curtis
Team members:
unit_666: Haultain
AmericanGirl: Dragon Bloggers
Joelie: Mr. Ellis
Shannon: Mr. Ellis
Adrian (MN): ACS

Team Barron
Team members:
Mr. T: Haultain
peter: Haultain
Tal: Dragon Bloggers
Sarah D.: Mr. Ellis
Sarah C: ACS

Team Garnie
Team members:
0kiwifruit0: Haultain
Smeagol: Dragon Bloggers
Kyle: Mr. Ellis
Delano: Mr. Ellis
Hadi H: ACS

Team Williams
Team members:
princess: Haultain
crazy1: Haultain
Tal: Dragon Bloggers
Keiza-Lee: Mr. Ellis
RaamiS: ACS

Team Hendricks
Team members:
candy221: Haultain
chickepoo: Haultain
Mary Alice: Dragon Bloggers

Team Rogers
Team members:
2poc: Haultain
frezcoldman: Haultain
Mathias: Dragon Bloggers
Oniesha: Mr. Ellis
Salah G: ACS

Team Neff
Team members:
hawaiigirl: Haultain
Roxas: Dragon Bloggers
Zeena A: ACS

Team Jonrowe
Team members:
kingkong: Haultain
google: Haultain
Violet: Dragon Bloggers
Karissa: Mr. Ellis

Team Mackey
Team members:
gangastdaddy: Haultain
mietosh: Haultain
AnnaBeth: Dragon Bloggers
Dakota I: Mr. Ellis
Dani S: ACS

Team Sousa
Team members:
DuDe: Haultain
darf: Haultain
Count Olaf: Dragon Bloggers
Julia: Mr. Ellis

Team Roger
Team members:
googlyeyes: Haultain
Brown Girl: Dragon Bloggers
Calvin: Dragon Bloggers

Team Willomitzer
Team members:
mscree: Haultain
Eragon: Dragon Bloggers
Tasha: Mr. Ellis
Sami E: ACS

Team Slirtola
Team members:
peanutbutter & jelly: Haultain
Star Wars: Dragon Bloggers
Sarah J: Mr. Ellis
Serena O: ACS

Team Calore
Team members:
freddy: haultain
Lemony: Dragon Bloggers
Sarah M: Mr. Ellis
Maya A: ACS

Team Paulsen
Team members:
butter: Haultain
Sabrina: Dragon Bloggers
Legolas: Dragon Bloggers
Brett: Mr. Ellis
Naim E: ACS

Team Allen
Team members:
blingbling boy: Haultain
Taryn: Dragon Bloggers
Kyo: Dragon Bloggers
Taylor: Mr. Ellis

Team Palfrey
Team members:
miss attitude: Haultain
Wiglet: Dragon Bloggers
Klaus: Dragon Bloggers
Jenna: Mr. Elli

Team Hayashida
Team members:
riderfan: Haultain
Frodo: Dragon Bloggers
Just Joking: Dragon Bloggers
Wenonah: Mr. Ellis
Cyrus A: ACS

Team Willis
Team members:
miss sweatpea: Haultain
Hermione: Dragon Bloggers
Jack: Dragon Bloggers
Dakota S: Mr. Ellis
Samar K: ACS