Iditarod Race History

Week #1: This assignment begins on February 9th, all work needs to be posted on your group's wiki by Friday, February 13th.

This week's assignment:

1. Research and write a paragraph about Balto and his significance to the Iditarod.

2. Research and make a list of the events that led up to the first Iditarod.

3. Draw a map of the original Iditarod trail traveled by Balto and the other teams. Write a short paragraph about the hardships Iditarod mushers would have faced. (Students, please note that the map is of the "original" route the mushers traveled. It is NOT the route of today's Iditarod race.)

Iditarod Race History : race history, musher and mushing history.
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In 1925 the children in Alaska were dying from diphtheria. The fastest way to deliver the medicine was by dogsled. Balto was the lead dog on the sled that took the serum from Anchorage to Nome. They call this journey the Ididerod.


The mushers could get lost. There might have been wolves following them. It was so cold they may have froze or got frost bite.

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