Welcome to the home page for the Iditarod Collaborative Project. The groups collaborating on this project are the Ms. Evans' Dragonblogs from Seattle, USA, Mr. Ellis' class in North Battleford, Canada, Ms Noshie & Mrs. Bashour's group from Beiriut, Lebanon and Ms. Brown's class in Regina, Canada.

March 17, 2008 — Deborah Bicknell blows out the "Widow's Lamp" in Nome. The last musher blows out the lamp, signifying that the race is over. As the last musher to finish, Bicknell was presented with the Wells Fargo Red Lantern award. Photo courtesy of Peggy Fagerstrom.

Iditarod 2008 Comes to a Close

At 8:36 pm AK Time Monday, Deborah Bicknell crossed under the burled arch in Nome in 78th place, ending Iditarod XXXVI.

Wednesday, March 12th

A note from Ms Noshie in Beiruit

Today's the last day of the Iditarod. Although we did not really set through
with the wikispace thing, my students really got into this. Right now we
still have three classmates whose musher is still up and running; Dani S
(Mackey, who is probably going to win), Salah ( at 73) and mine (Curtis) at
72. Today they will reach the finish line. We've been tracking them by GPS,
and today watched a very nice movie (Snow Dogs). They really enjoyed the
movie, and every time there was a scene that they recognized, or vocabulary
that was used that they had learned, they all looked at each other. All in
all, a pretty good learning experience. They learned about mushers,
gang lines, wheels, and all kinds of interesting thing. Thanks for signing us

Tuesday, March 11th
Today's Top 10 Rankings
Lance Mackey
Jeff King
Hans Gatt
Ken Anderson
Ramey Smyth
Martin Buser
Paul Gebhardt
Mitch Seavey
Kjetil Backen
Sebastian Schnuelle