Welcome to our Iditarod Collaborative Project.


1. Develop an understanding of Alaska including; the Iditarod Race, Geography, Alaska Weather 2. Increase awareness of why the Iditarod takes place


1. Students will research Alaska state facts, tourism, places of interest, sled dog mushers and the Iditarod Race using either the Internet, multi-media or classroom books.

2. study the trail and musher biographies

3. create a wall-sized map of the trail

4. select a musher to follow in this year's race and track the selected musher's progress as the race occurs

Students will

learn about the backgrounds of different mushers.

learn what it takes to be a musher.

track daily progress of a team by using race logs that are filed online.

track progress on a map.

keep a journal of his/her team's progress.

Six Pillars of Character

The following are the Six Pillars of Character that our students focus on each day at our schools. Included are some examples expected of a person who exhibits good character traits. You can see the musher tie-in behind each trait.

Trustworthiness - A Musher trusts himself and his team; in their abilities and limitations with respect and dignity.

Responsibility - A musher exhibits responsibility in all venues of his/her activities and competition.

Caring - A musher shows compassion and empathy for those around him/her and lends a hand where needed.

Respect - A musher respects self, property of others, and environment. He/she is courteous, polite, and considerate.

Fairness - A musher practice fair play in following rules, taking turns, and sharing; he/she is just and open minded.

Citizenship - A musher plays by the rules, does his/her share of the work and cooperates.