Welcome to the Iditarod Collaborative Project

Project Begins Monday, February 9th

Good luck everyone. I hope you enjoy working on the Iditarod Collaborative Project. Ms B

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Lance Mackey Wins the Iditarod!! Wednesday, March 18th

Saturday, March 21st

All of the mushers that we were following in the race have finished and are in Nome, except for one musher that scratched. Here are the results for our mushers:

Group #1: Lance Mackey 1st
Group #14: Sebastian Schnuelle 2nd
Group #15: Mitch Seavey 4th
Group #11: Cim Smyth 5th
Group #10: Jessie Royer 8th
Group #2: Ramey Smyth 9th
Group #4: Hans Gatt 10th
Group #12: Jeff King 12th
Group #7: DeeDee Jonrowe 13th
Group #9: Ken Anderson 14th
Group #6: Paul Gebhardt 16th
Group #5: Martin Buser 18th
Group #3: Gerry Willonitzer 24th
Group #13: Rick Swenson 25th
Group #8: Ed Iten Scratched at Elim
4th last checkpoint

There are still 17 mushers left out on the course. Who do you think will win the Red Lantern award?

Mushers Chosen for the 2009 Iditarod Project!

Group #1: Lance Mackey
Group #2: Ramey Smyth
Group #3: Gerry Willomitzer
Group #4: Hans Gatt
Group #5: Martin Buser
Group #6: Paul Gebhardt
Group #7: DeeDee Jonrowe
Group #8: Ed Iten
Group #9: Ken Anderson
Group #10: Jessie Royer
Group #11: Cim Smyth
Group #12: Jeff King
Group #13: Rick Swenson
Group #14: Sebastian Schnuelle
Group #15: Mitch Seavey
fluffyman 2.0 and googlyeyes check the Iditarod route.


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Here are some pictures that show the beginning of the race. The race begins on March 7th, 2009

Photos are from Flickr Creative Commons.

I hope everyone is excited as I am about beginning this project. Ms B

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During the 1925 diphtheria epidemic, 20 dog sleds and 105 dogs raced medicine to the sick children in Nome. They brought the medicine from Nenana to Nome; this journey brought them all the way across Alaska. The dogs ran 100 miles each day so that the serum would not freeze and so they would get to Nome faster. The serum run was like a relay the dogs would run to there checkpoint and then another dog team would take over. Balto was one of the lead dogs. Balto suffered from canine arthritis and they had safety concerns about him. Balto was also deaf and blind so balto was really old at that time balto died in 1993 he was stuffed and put in a museum

picture from www.serumrun.org